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Powering Communities with Knowledge

NowPow is a personalized community referral platform for every need and every person. We build community referral networks that promote meaningful partnerships, drive impact and equity, and deliver data to bridge gaps in community care.

At NowPow, we help people know where to go and build the connections to get them there.

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Powering Communities with Knowledge
Watch How we Improve Access to the Right Resources

Watch How we Improve Access to the Right Resources

Whether trying to stay well, meet basic needs, manage with illness or care for others, NowPow helps everyone at all of life’s ages and stages.

Our platform addresses a full spectrum of needs, from basic needs like food, shelter and financial assistance to counseling, weight management and caregiver support.

A Community Care
Referral Utility

Our platform has multiple products to support different use cases from self-serve to remote care. NowPow securely and seamlessly integrates with EHRs, HIEs, patient and member portals, and care or case management systems, ensuring referrals are part of the routine workflow for all types of users.

At NowPow, we make access easy for everyone.

The NowPow Platform
A Community Care <br>Referral Utility

Referral Quality Really Matters


We automatically map needs to optimal services using more than 50 evidence-based matching algorithms and filter results by critical access factors like COVID-19 operating status, location, language(s) spoken, documents needed and other eligibility requirements.

High Fidelity
Resource Information

Using human supported data collection, we validate thousands of service data points every day so users always feel confident our hyperlocal resource information is credible and will provide better access to the right resources.

Built-in Quality
Hard Stops

We auto-check during the referral process to determine if appropriate consent is on file, if the consent is not expired, and if the person meets all eligibility requirements (including customized questions) so no one is turned away and no time is wasted.

Deep focus on
intervention results

We go beyond identifying if a referral’s loop was closed. We enable all stakeholders to monitor and track every aspect of the referral – from process tracking to detailed outcomes – to drive and measure engagement, performance and impact.

Grounded in Science, <br/>Generating Insights

Grounded in Science,
Generating Insights

NowPow was purpose-built to drive process improvement and evaluate intervention impact through dynamic data collection and analysis. We securely match, aggregate and share data to inform decision making around resource demand relative to supply, referral partner selection and intervention optimization.

Grounded in Science

Growing Impact

Today, NowPow supports networks of all sizes and sectors across the nation. We build networks that range from highly targeted to broad-based, but all grounded in the simple idea that Knowledge is Power (in fact, that’s how we got our name).

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